Tennessee Jet - Dance Hall Stage

  • Saturday, August 21
  • 8:00PM
  • $5 Cover, Free Before 8pm

5pm - Doors open

6pm - The Resident Band of Willy's Wacky Weiner Warehouse and Uncle Earl's Earwax Emporium

8pm - Tennessee Jet

All guests have access to this concert and the rest of Elray's all night long to enjoy 3 separate rooms each with their own entertainment. This concert will be in our Dance Hall room in the rear of the venue accessible by our front door at 211 Iowa Ave or through our alley entrance behind the building between Dubuque & Linn Streets.  Stick around after the show to enjoy more entertainment throughout Elray's until 2am!

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"I got a head full of metal, but a heart of country gold." -Tennessee Jet “Sparklin’ Burnin’ Fuse”

Long before Tennessee Jet began crisscrossing America as a one-man band, playing nightly shows full of fuzz guitar, primal percussion, and songs that split the difference between country and raw rock & roll, he traveled the interstates of Oklahoma with his bronc-riding father and barrel-racing mother. Sitting on the bench seat of an old Ford pickup truck pulling a horse trailer while heading to the next rodeo, he'd watch the grasslands of his home state fly past the windshield at highway speed. Country music was always on the radio back then, and those songs — honest, heartfelt classics by icons like Willie Nelson and Dwight Yoakam, both of whom he'd eventually join on tour — left a permanent mark.